That's 60,000 Minutes In Crystal-Clear HD
And Over 5,000 Prepared Woodworkers

Hi, My name is Alan West!

I Want To Congratulate You, Because You've Struck Gold! Woodworking Gold!

And then it hit me. Robert!

I had fixed his car for over a decade. And every time he showed up, he looked like he drove a woodchipper. The man was always covered in sawdust from head to toe. And his car… I even found splinters in his gas tank once. No wonder it had to be towed. So I called Rob and told him about the frustrating situation I was in. He laughed…

Here's how this works:

You're getting all my hard-learned lessons in a "beginner-friendly" package along with ten new video monthly addons and unlimited access via email for LIFE.

You're getting my unique "Razor Sharp Protocol" video guide for having your tools always sharp as new, even if your little one decides that chisels are perfect for digging holes in rock ornaments.

Plus, my radical "Tool Crafting Secrets" again, backed up by step-by-step videos that will show you how to create your own tools at home. So you'll never have to waste time and money improvizing or shelling hundreds of dollars when you can make most of them from scraps laying around your house.

And you'll also get "The Perfect Timber." A special report on the absolute essential types of wood you should use on each and every build. All this, without risking a dime.

I'll be waiting for you with a special message in the "members area" and with another bonus that's too hot to mention here.

P.S. When you finish your first project, send me a photo and brag about it.

Thank you for reading,
I'm Alan West.

Let me answer a few common questions I keep getting about the Woodwork101.

  • 1. "If your videos are so good, why aren't more people using them?"

    Well, you're one of the lucky few. As I said at the beginning of this presentation, Rob and I only did this to help our closest friends. I imagined the word might spread, but I'm not looking to make the plans hit mainstream media. And you probably got here when a friend shared the link.

    Plus, it's the fear factor. Most people think woodworking plans are too complex for a complete build. They are partly right because most books and courses overcomplicate it.

    The fact is, woodworking is easy when you have the proper blueprints.

  • 2. "How hard are these projects to build?"

    Each and every one of them is so simple and easy to build, you'll kick yourself for not taking up woodworking earlier.

    Most of them take less than 2 hours, don't require strength, and the most difficult task you'll do is just a bit of cutting.

    That's all, and really there's no excuse for not giving it a try. In fact, if you don't want to lift a finger, you can still do this.

    Just pay someone $50 to watch the videos and build each one for you.

  • 3. "How long will it take?"

    It will take you a little over 30 minutes to watch each video. And that's it.

    Building any of the projects takes under 2 hours if you're slow. A lot less if someone's helping you.

  • 4. "I don't have a lot of space. Will this work for me?"

    Not only will it work for you… but it's probably the best set of plans you could hope for.

    That's because you can make use of any space – not just a workshop or garage.

  • 5. "How much does it cost to build one of your projects? "

    I put together Woodwork101 with minimal costs in mind. That being said, depending on what you decide to make, you'll be spending between $10 and $200 on materials. But you'll discover that most of the projects can be made for under $50 in total costs.

  • 6. "How quickly will I learn to build what's inside?"

    Just watch a 30 minutes video once, and you'll be able to finish it with flying colors.

    There's really no learning curve. You can learn to make your own projects in no time.

  • 7. "What kind of wood can I use?"

    There's really no right or wrong answer to this question.

    You can use any kind of wood.

    Some types of wood are better than others, and usually, it depends on what you're making. But rest assured knowing you don't need any kind of special wood.

    You can use anything from softwoods, basswoods, cottonwood, butternut, or hardwood.

  • 8. "Will I need any tools?"

    Right from the very start of each video, you'll see a complete list of tools you'll need to put together that specific project.

    However… you'll never have to use tools that any beginner or enthusiast won't have.

  • 9. "Is this really risk-free?"

    Yes! As I said, you're covered by my two months "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.

    If, for any reason, you want to return the program, you have 60 full days to do so.

    No hassles, no gimmicks, no hard feelings.

    That's why it's crucial that if you decide to try Woodwork101, you do it fast.

    So why not do it now?

    Spend 30 minutes watching a simple video… for your perfect DIY woodworking project.

    So, go on, click on the "Order Now" button below, and let Woodwork101 take you by the hand to your perfect build.

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